Save time in running your club!
There are so many little things to worry about to manage a sport club, and so many interactions to handle!
Do you sometimes feel like the administration of your club is as challenging as conducting an scientific experiment?

MyGym is an online application, accessible via mobile, that facilitates the administrative tasks inherent in the management of a club or any organization that relies on volunteers and members.

This application allows you to manage your members online, announce events, manage online registrations, post messages, share documents or synchronize members' agendas with the one of the club. The idea is to have a functional website with relevant information, and always up to date, by doing nothing more than you usually do to administer a club: write messages (SMS, emails, etc.) to your members throughout the year.

group activities
How MyGym can help you manage your events
Online agenda with search function
Agenda subscription for your members
the subscription allows automatic synchronization between everyone's agenda and the agenda of the club
Online registration for your members
Members' availability polls
Schedule creation assistant
helps you find the best way to fit everyone's availabilities into your schedule
Follow the registrations to events in one glance
Export registrations to an event to Excel format
Attendance management
keeping track of absences has never been so easy
Members can register themselves online to the events you announce. It is possible to manage time slots for event registrations and even generate an "optimized" schedule based on all responses received. The platform provides a calendar feed (iCal/.ics) that members can subscribe to with their email client, mobile phone calendar, or other services like Google Calendar. The calendar feed is automatically built from the events that are advertised on the platform.
invite members to register to event
send reminder for event
send dunning notice for a registration
ask your members for their availabilities
notify cancellation of an event
communicate the schedule of an event
communicate task list
How MyGym can help you manage the communication with your members
Send any message by email with one click
Automatic preselection of recipients for your messages
each message you post on the site comes with pre-selected filters to address the appropriate recipients, for instance according to the type of event, or its categories
The visibility of members details, events, documents, calendar feeds, and messages is adjusted for each member
everyone sees only what concerns him
Centralize communication in one place
everything you communicate to your members is available online; all messages related to one event are available on one dedicated page; everything is searchable
Send a dunning notice with one click
do not waste anymore time to seek for members that did not reply to an invitation
Send registration link to members
you can invite your members to register to any event with a simple message containing a personal registration link
Send links to share documents with your members
Send a reminder for an event in one click
The messages (called notifications) are posted on the site and can be emailed to the concerned members with one click. The platform provides various criteria to dynamically build the list of recipients of each message, like some music players that offer dynamic playlist, or smart playlist. Various tools are provided to easily send a dunning notice to the members for filling their registration to an event. It is possible to use tags to write dynamic and personalized messages for each recipient (similar to using fields in Word).
add new member
update address
update email
copy contact info
nominate other administrators
How MyGym can help you manage your members
Members can update their own profile
no need to keep track of address or email changes yourself, your members can update their own coordinates
Assistant for typing or searching addresses
Copy contact information into your address book with QR code scanning
Numerous search and filter functions to generate list of members
Export list of members to Excel format
Manage multiple phone numbers and emails per member
this helps you contacting parents of under age members
Delegate administrative tasks to other members
three distinct administrator roles can be assigned to anyone of your members to allow them assist you in managing the content of the site
Simplifies the notification of resignations
the members can resign online; all concerned coaches and administrators are immediately notified
Keep track of activities for members who quitted the club
the members who quit the club simply enter an inactive status, therefore their history of activities is kept
pictures of events
shows and trainings videos
task list
internal rules, application form, etc.
advertisement for your events
How MyGym can help you share documents with your members
Upload files to your MyGym website with ease
Organize documents into folders
Search for documents online
Simple access to download of documents for your members
Dead simple permission management
Online preview for most multimedia files
Ability to share a document with a confidential download link
Handle multiple revisions of one file
A document manager allows administrators to put files online, respectively it allows members to access those uploaded documents. This manager offers an online preview of some documents (PDF, video, audio, image). Documents may be reserved for members or, conversely, publicly accessible. Public documents can be visible from all over the world or hidden (shared via "secret" link).

Hosting Package Details

Services included
 License for MyGym's application usage
 Hosting of a MyGym website for your club
 Mail server for sending emails to your members from the MyGym application
 Domain name for accessing your MyGym website
 SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt for ensuring the confidentiality all the data transmitted to your MyGym website
 Rolling daily, weekly and monthly backup of your data to allow recovering from disaster
 Free updates of MyGym application with bug fixes and improvements
 5/7 email support in case of questions or problems
 Access to our online ticket system for asking questions and submitting bugs